Here at Do You Wanna Dance we offer a wide range of class options geared toward each child’s skill level and style. Our goal is to make each child’s experience in dance a fun, knowledgable and positive one.

Classes Offered

Combo Classes

An introduction for 2 – 5 year old students to get them familiar with music and movement. Since ballet is the base of all dance we pair this with either Jazz or Tap depending on what your child would find more exciting!

We also offer Combo Classes for students ages 6-9 that are more advanced in taking the two classes together but are not ready to take on a full class at an hour each.


For students that are interested in learning the discipline, and grace of Ballet in an hour class strictly devoted to the basics. In this class students will become familiar with correct placement, floor & barre work and also a knowledge in ballet terminology. This class is also mandatory for all dance team members.


For students that are completely comfortable with their technique and are ready to move on to the next level. Since students ankles need to be strong, this class will be predetermined by our instructor to prevent injuries.


Fit for all ages, jazz is a fun, upbeat style of dance. During this class your child will go through strength and conditioning, but also knowledge on the most iconic movements and traditional terms that will grow throughout their dance experience.

Hip Hop

Old school meets new school in this intro to the urban culture of dance. Open to all ages (including ages 2.5 – 5) Hip Hop is a fun way for students to express their individuality in a class setting. All music and movements are catered strictly to the classes overall age and level.


This is an introduction to the large style of breakdance. Students will be introduced to different music styles and movements. Floor work is a big part of this class with the iconic “6 Step” and some old school movements such as the “Up Rock”.

Intro to Step

This class will teach students how to make sounds and beats strictly using their hands and feet! The warm up will have music involved, but students will get familiar with making beats and performing without any music. This teaches musicality, confidence and a culture that most are not familiar with.


Another great way to introduce your child to musicality. Tap is an upbeat style of dance that is mainly focused of foot movement. In this class students will learn floor work, leg strengthening moves  and different combinations.


Lyrical is a combination of the strength learned in ballet and loose body movements. In this class students will learn different leaps, jumps, turns and across the floor combinations. A great transition from ballet into a more advance style.


Much like lyrical Modern takes the strength & control learned in ballet and combines it with a Jazz technique. In this class students will learn the are of story-telling with their body, more of an interpretive style of dance that will push your child to a new limit.

Musical Theatre

A way to introduce your child into the world of song and dance. During this 1 Hour class students will learn to express themselves in a fun way. Learning different improv skills, this give students a more drama-based way to express themselves.



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